MGA doing a thorough clean up exercise for the gambling space

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is engaging in hectic activity regarding blocking all the loopholes related to the compliance of gambling regulations in the country. The big-time operators are initially the targets, and certification suspensions and cancellations are on the rise. investigates these trends in further depth, emphasizing the ramifications for the gambling business.

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As a part of its clean-up act, MGA took the initiative of canceling the certification of Genesis Globe in 2023. The operator was running 23 websites but now, everything has come to a standstill. The company is now in a situation wherein it not only has to return a certain amount of money to its players but also look into all overdue.

According to the gambling news, Rush Gaming, too, came under the lens of MGA, for which a suspension order was given to the company. MGA has not divulged the precise reason for this, but it is presumed that there is a link to non-compliance with regulations. However, in this case, players have the option of remaining connected with their accounts.

Winners Malta Operations Ltd. was the next in line, and as a result, its certification was properly revoked, barring it from engaging in any kind of gambling. Again, there was a deadline for resolving the financial issues in this case. It was just another example of another one going down the drain.

MGA’s initiatives have made it evident to everyone that things have changed dramatically. If the big-time players are not spared, the authorities will tighten the noose on everyone who arouses the slightest suspicion.    

The goal of MGA is to send a strong message that even the smallest misdemeanor by any operator, regardless of size or strength, will be targeted and the necessary steps taken to correct the situation, whether through the cancellation of its certification, a suspension order, or whatever other penalty or punishment is appropriate for the nature of the offense. It all adds up to a complete zero tolerance for noncompliance with requirements under the MGA.

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