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Michel Dattani wins the top prize at the PCA Main Event

Michel Dattano records a top position at the MCA Main Event $PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $10,300. The event was hosted by Baha Mar Resort in the Bahamas, and it saw two Portuguese players compete in the top two positions for the main prize and the title.

A total of 889 participants entered the competition to create a prize pool of $8,623,300. The tournament has returned to the Bahamas after four years. The grand prize was $50,000 and the title. Dattani stayed locked in for $1,316,963, and Neves claimed $1,183,037. It was the elimination of Artur Martirosian that brought both the champions to the final table.

Day 6 saw the top 6 players return to the table and check if lady fortune favored them. Jamil Wakil was the first to be eliminated for $307,500. He was shortly followed by Cristoph Csik from the US. Csik took home $399,800 to make way for the elimination.

The bottom three left the table by the end of the fifth day. Jonathan Little claimed $139,900 for the 9th position, meaning that everyone else stayed above that mark for a much larger winning share to their names. Taylor Paur set his hands at $181,900 at the 8th position, and Alexandros Kolonias from Greece pocketed $236,500.

That was all for Day 5. The next day began with a similar zeal and no fall in the energy level.

Alexandre Raymond stood at the 4th position for a prize of $519,600. The Canadian poker star then saw Artur Mortirosian leave the table at the bottom of the top three list for a prize of $677,400.

Neves held on to being the top chip holder for a fairly long time; however, Dattani replaced him with his pocket aces for a response to pocket kings.

Martirosian missed a chance to create poker history. He could have registered a win at EPT and PCA Main Event had he not fallen short by two positions. The 2021 EPT Sochi Main Event is still ringing bells with his name for a reward of $325,000. This is in addition to many titles and awards that he won so far in his career under the screen name – mararthur1.

As per the latest poker news updates, Dattani versus Neves lasted for 20 minutes. Dattani has now crossed the $2 million mark in live tournament earnings. Neves, on the other hand, is on the mark of $1 million.

Michel Dattani is one of the most respected poker players in Portugal. Considered to be the best player in the region, Dattani plays under the pseudonym of FreelancerZZ on PokerStars. He has been playing the game for 13 years, having started his professional journey in 2010 on PokerStars European Poker Tour. PCA is the first time that the tournament has returned to the Bahamas in 4 years.

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