MintDice’s CEO and Founder Bryce Daifuku in an Exclusive Interview with The Times of Casino

Today at The Times of Casino, we are joined by Bryce Daifuku, CEO and founder of MintDice. Bryce is a former professional poker player and early Bitcoin investor.

MintDice comes with the world’s best Bitcoin Casino Dice and Bitcoin slot machine games. What sparked the decision to launch MintDice, and who are the brains behind this project?

MintDice launching came from a few different sources. A few of us wanted to start a business, we deeply understood both cryptocurrency and gambling and thought that we could do better than the online Bitcoin casino products out there presently on the market. And so with a lot of time spent and hiring a number of other employees, we have been able to create our ongoing online casino project to date that we are quite proud of. There are about 12 individuals working on MintDice but it varies from month to month that can all be categorized as the brains of MintDice. I personally make a lot of the larger company decisions and directions, however.

Having spent multiple years in the Poker and Casino industry, was there a particular incident/s which shaped MintDice into the organization that it has turned into today? 

I would say that being involved in the gambling industry for the past decade has most profoundly impacted the game types that we have chosen so far and the future games that we are developing. Game development and creation is a nuanced and creative field to get correct. And with a fairly deep understanding of what decisions both do and don’t work in the casino industry, we feel like we are able to choose and/or innovate our products correctly.

MintDice offers a brilliant risk-free investment method “Be the Bank.” Would you like to elaborate on the same?

The Be The Bank product has not yet been launched. But it will allow users to invest into the casino house bankroll and simply collect payments based on the number of bets placed without taking any risk. This, however, comes at the cost of earning a lowered amount of expected returns.

Bryce, what technology or algorithm does MintDice use?

For our gaming products, we use Provably Fair technology whenever possible so that we can prove matter-of-factly to all users that our games are indeed fair. This will become more important as we progress into our new games currently under development. Additionally, some of our products will be using Blockchain technology as well to help increase our trust factor to the community in a few different ways, both with financial and gaming applications.

One of MintDice’s upcoming projects includes the “Powermint Bitcoin Lottery Jackpot,” can you please tell our readers about this promising project?

The PowerMint Bitcoin Lottery project is kind of secret for now, but I can say that we are trying to build what we want to be the world’s best Bitcoin lottery, by far. Or even one of the best lotteries in the world for that matter, depending on any particular user’s opinion. And while nothing is certain in the world of development, I really think and hope we can push PowerMint out before the end of 2019, so it’s not too far away. Of our upcoming game launches, I think PowerMint will be one of the cryptocurrency crowd favorites if it manages to gain enough consumer awareness.

What are your strategic plans for MintDice over the coming months? Does MintDice have any radical new projects in the pipeline?

We have a lot of plans that should be rolling out over the coming months all held down by the constraints of development/roadmap timelines. Our major projects include three completely brand new unique games (which includes the PowerMint Lottery mentioned up above), a sportsbook and user interactivity features to increase user engagement for both beginners and advanced players offering free rewards for interacting with MintDice. To be clear on the above above, for our new games I’m pretty sure that each game will be world firsts, such that if you want to play any of those games, the MintDice Bitcoin Casino will be the only place to play them anywhere in the world, unless someone were to copy us later.

What measures need to be taken by casinos or gambling operators to attract new users and retain loyal customers?

This is a very complicated and multifaceted problem. Generally speaking, you will want an extremely high quality product, user interactivity features, ongoing development, community engagement, a good marketing plan, Provably Fair technology and a unique selling proposition. The last thing to add is time on market and trust with the community by providing ongoing high quality customer service.

Would you like to give any parting advice to novices planning to invest in Bitcoin and looking to earn passive income on their cryptocurrency immediately?

The safest thing to do with your Bitcoin will always be to store it on your own personal Bitcoin wallet, such as a Trezor. The benefit to doing such a thing is that your income will be guarded by only yourself. The drawback to doing such a thing is that you will not increase the nominal value of your Bitcoins since they are not exposed to any investment vehicle. One such option is to invest your Bitcoin in the MintDice Bitcoin Casino bankroll. This does expose your Bitcoin to risk, but may give you the option to earn interest on Bitcoin over time. Be very careful with other providers outside of MintDice offering “Bitcoin Investment” schemes, as many of them are not honest and are just there to steal your money or are Ponzi schemes. So do your own due diligence to make sure they are safe investments first. More than anything, make sure you understand how value is created with your investment. In the case of MintDice, value creation is rather obvious, it is casino profit sharing. The more money MintDice as a casino makes, the more money your Bitcoin Investment will make.

Thanks for your valuable time Bryce, it was a pleasure interacting with you; we wish you success for all your future ventures.

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