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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Will Not Be at Game 5 of the NBA Finals

The much-awaited Game 5 of the NBA finals between the Warriors and the Celtics went on without Commissioner Adam Silver. Silver’s plans to attend the match were canceled at the last moment due to the health and safety protocols of the NBA. Now, it looks uncertain whether the Commissioner will be available to present the trophy to the winning side as the series is nearing its end.

After a phenomenal run at the league stage, the Celtics and the Warriors have been fighting hard to steal the trophy this time. Game 5 of the NBA finals took place on Monday, June 14, looking to break the 2-2 tie from the previous 4 games.

The Warriors claimed Game 5 for themselves as Curry and crew all scored in double figures, and curry himself led the squad with a phenomenal 26-point rally during the game. Thanks to their 104-94 victory, the Warriors have taken the lead in the series and eased much of their pressure for Game 6, which is slated for Thursday night.

However, it is not the game that has caught the attention of the fans. Rather, it is the absence of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. The NBA announced the change of plans about his attendance via Twitter on the grounds of the league’s health and safety protocols.

The news has got the undue attention because Silver always made his presence in all NBA Finals throughout his tenure at the helm. There is no confirmation on whether it is COVID-19 or just a precautionary measure.

Moreover, Commissioner Silver must hand over the trophy to the winning team. The ceremony will occur either during Game 6 or Game 7 on Sunday. We need more information from the NBA to get a full picture of the current situation.

Silver has successfully conducted 9 seasons of the championship since he took over as the NBA Commissioner in 2014. It also includes the 2020 season that resumes in a bio bubble inside Walt Disney World.

As the final result window is shrinking, fans are eagerly waiting for the NBA’s contingency plans for this new situation.

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