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New Jersey as nationwide model for online legal sports betting: Says the CEO of DraftKings

This may mark one year to the legalization of the online sports betting in the country. 10 states from the USA have now legalized online sports betting. Talking about New Jersey, it is being said that one third of the revenue of DraftKings comes from New Jersey. Since last May and following the success of the legalization of online betting in New Jersey, there are several states that are willing to take up with it. Along with the aforementioned statement, the CEO of DraftKings has also stated that soon 2/3rd revenue of the state might come from the online sports betting.

At this point, New Jersey has a sportsbook and so does Mississippi, however, Jason Robins has said that they are looking to open a sportsbook in other states as well.

Jason Robins also goes onto say that the response from the gamers has been massive, primarily because he hadn’t thought that online sports betting would be considered as mainstream as it is now. It is noticeable that legalized sports betting is something that is gaining momentum in the USA over a period of time; it is, therefore, important that companies like DraftKings are a part of the increasingly evolving phenomenon.

It is this phenomenon that enables Robins to say that New Jersey is an example to be followed as far as legal sports betting is concerned. New Jersey is one place which had seen to it that the expectations the players had from the industry when online sports betting was legalized had been met.

Speculations are going on that soon, and online sports betting will further be brought into the mainstream. However, things right now are going well for companies like DraftKings as well as the state, as the income generated from it has grown since last year.

Edna Boykin

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