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Sky Bet extends collaboration with EFL

Sky Bet has decided to extend its collaboration with EFL for the coming five years, and this will witness the entity holding on to its position of being the league’s prime associate. This is regarding sports betting, as well as gaming. The collaboration has seemingly had an extremely successful run for the last ten years. According to the present understanding, the rights fees will see an increase of 50% with regards to Sky Bet. This will immensely benefit the concerned EFL clubs and provide adequate backing in terms of creating an overall financially stable environment. 

As per the terms and conditions mutually agreed upon, Sky Bet will have the responsibility of making an investment to the tune of one million euro for every season. There will also be the issue of the entity contributing the amount of six million euro towards the EFL community fund. This will, in turn, be distributed to the existing communities that are spread out all over England and Wales. Both of the entities will be utilizing this amount for the required purposes through the EFL Trust, along with concerned Club Community Organizations (CCOs). 

In the professional sporting arena in the UK, this very collaboration has become extremely important. Both companies will continue to focus on the safety features associated with gambling. In this regard, plans are afoot for the introduction of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will be inked. In this will be mentioned the safeguarding of youngsters, which will remain the topmost priority, as well as the persons who could easily be led astray. 

According to the MOU that is to be signed, it will not be possible for Sky Bet to carry out promotional activities in places such as the club’s stadiums or reach out to young enthusiasts. The EFL, on its part, will utilize its core inventory for gambling-related awareness programs. Sky Bet will also be involved in funding a required player education program meant to safeguard gamblers from the perils of gambling. Both entities will be engaged in interacting with the government, as well as sports bodies, regarding the fresh version of the Gambling Act Review White Paper’s suggestions.

According to the latest sports news, Sky Bet will remain the official title partner globally. The entity will have the authority to pass out awards to the manager, as well as in the case of the Player and Goal of the Month award, along with Golden Boot and Golden Glove. As per the Chief Executive of EFL, Trevor Birch, the ongoing collaboration with Sky Bet will only help to bring about further enhancement in the sporting arena. In his opinion, the overall aim is to bring about a safer environment to the activities revolving around gambling.  

According to the Chief Commercial Officer of Sky Bet, Steve Birch, the collaboration with EFL is indeed turning out to be simply priceless and opening the doors for a more organized and better-controlled atmosphere for every aspect related to gambling. The highlighting factor, in his viewpoint, is the fact that the money that is going in for protecting the interests of gamblers will go a really long way.     

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