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Newcastle United and BetMGM collaborate in the UK market

Newcastle United has announced a multi-year partnership with BetMGM. This is the brand of MGM Resorts, which has recently entered the UK market. It is now the club’s official sponsor for the 2023/2024 season. Newcastle United chose BetMGM as its official club partner due to the company’s regional presence and greater familiarity with the football club.

The partner’s brand name will now be visible to fans on TV across St. James’ Park. It has brought the best heritage aspects of betting and entertainment from Nevada. The partnership will get a boost in the form of Chris Rock, who is featured at the front of all the campaigns. This includes the one where BetMGM has talked about predicting the Golden Goals for the largest jackpot.

Golden Goals refer to predicting six correct scores in the Premier League. The jackpot totals £2 million. This is in addition to one of the largest jackpots worth £15.4 million in the UK.

Peter Silverstone from Newcastle United has said that they are delighted to partner with BetMGM. The Chief Commercial Officer has also highlighted that they have chosen the brand for its presence in the UK and familiarity with the football club, saying that it is the understanding of business and the fanbase that make BetMGM an ideal partner.

According to the casino news, Sam Behar from BetMGM has called the football club’s reentry into the elite season a golden moment. The UK Director has also said that they are proud to have Newcastle United as their partner for the 2023/24 season, further highlighting that their growth strategy perfectly aligns with the ambitions and drive of BetMGM.

The development comes months after Newcastle United announced a new partner for the club’s energy drink, Monster Energy. That, too, is a multi-year partnership deal that centers around giving Monster Energy more reach with a digital presence at St. James’ Park.

Monster Energy, in association with Newcastle United, is now working to build deep connections with fans to give them a valuable experience that is credible and authentic.

Other partners of Newcastle United are Noon, Castore,, Carling, Fun88, and Sela. Newcastle United is next scheduled to play a match with Manchester City on September 28, 2023. They are currently ranked in the 8th position with 3 wins and 3 losses for a total of 9 points. Interestingly, the previous event of Newcastle United versus Sheffield United was a huge 8-0 victory for Newcastle United.

BetMGM and Newcastle United entering into a multi-year partnership deal allows both brands to expand their list of partners. Externally, they are only to gain in terms of fan engagement and support.

Both of them have not provided specific financial information about the partnership. However, it is clear that BetMGM will cement its position in the UK market under the association.

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