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No Halt to Horse Racing in Ireland Despite Coronavirus Spread

Despite a surge in coronavirus cases all across the globe, racing behind closed doors will not be halted as of now in Ireland. The decision was taken following a significant Horse Racing Ireland board meeting on Wednesday.

According to reports, strict measures were undertaken amid coronavirus fears and therefore racing has been taking place in Ireland sans any audience since March 13, 2020. Meanwhile, two matches were staged on Tuesday for St Patrick’s Day.

British Horseracing Authority has declared soon after the two meetings that occurred behind closed doors in England on Tuesday that there will be no racing event in the UK till April end.

Horse Racing Ireland also analyzed if it should also suspend racing for now. But, after reviewing the issue in detail, it decided to continue with racing for now although with stringent measures.

The latest restraints that have been brought into effect may include exclusion of runners from abroad and cancellation of evening meetings or double fixtures.

Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) also generated a statement saying that a sub-committee is likely to continue assessing the ground situation on an everyday basis. Meanwhile, a contingency planning for alterations in the race program is already there in case Irish racing gets canceled thoroughly for a specific tenure.

HRI claimed that the decision to not halt the racing has taken place as a result of the requirement of maintaining employment and generating income for individuals who are part of the industry. The chairman of HRI Nicky Hartery said, amid this tough period, we have decided to secure the appropriate methods for supporting the racing community and industry.

The health and well-being of the employees and industry are of major priority and accordingly protocols have been issued that will allow racing to continue.

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