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Pia Sundhage to Have U-20 Players in Her Next Brazil Squad

Brazil under-20 secured the bronze medal and the third position by claiming victory over the Netherlands through a conclusion of a 4-1 scoreboard. Pia Sundhage was present to experience the moment and share her thoughts about the future of the under-20 players, with some of them having a spot in her next squad for Brazil.

As per the sports news today, Pia Sundhage expressed her pride in the team’s victory over the Netherlands and welcomed three-four players to the senior team. She did not directly list the names but highlighted that some of them would make it to her squad.

Aline impressed her the most through the usage of space on the field. Calling her performance impressive, Pia Sundhage added that others who surprised her were Dudinha, Tarciane, and Lauren, with the last putting up their best game against Spain. Their consistent performance is a key factor for being considered by Pia Sundhage in her squad.

Yaya may have to wait for a while, based on what Pia Sundhage has stated. While Yaya is a talented player on the field, she has a lot to improve, as her progress has been full of ups and downs. Yaya can still make it provided Pia Sundhage decides to swing with precaution. A player at the age of 20 can always be considered, but a younger one is better off in the current team to improve the performance.

Having said that, her performance has come through, and Yaya is now the potential candidate to make it to the senior team.

With age being a factor, Aline became a question as she would be 17 only when Pia Sundhage announced her squad for Australia & New Zealand in 2023. She stated that it would be all about the decision-making process that will involve a thorough review of a player’s performance.

Not just the current form but also their performance in the past five months will be noted while analyzing how they can contribute for the next five months.

Pia Sundhage was a part of the FIFA Coach Mentorship Programme, allowing her to interact with the players, which she said was invaluable to her. While talking about the sport, Pia Sundhage said it was changing faster than expected. Oppositions cannot be taken for granted at any step, and it is now all about staying updated and drafting flexible strategies.

This puts all the best FIFA betting sites on their toes. The analysis would be a key factor while showing facts and figures to users who look up to the platforms before taking a decision. Since any side takes home the victory, it will be all about keeping track of what they are up to in the present.

Pia Sundhage did mention the previous five months. That suggestion is up for grabs while placing bets on the best FIFA betting sites.

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