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Conor McGregor teases a UFC return against Michael Chandler

Conor McGregor versus Michael Chandler could be happening if all vibes in the mixed martial arts align favorably. The possibility has been teased by Conor, saying that his return is imminent. He has added that they are already in talks for the event, and there is confirmation. However, Chandler downplayed the possibility by saying that it had come out of the blue and that he was not ready for it.

Weight class and dates have not been finalized yet. The possibility came to light when Conor was on a tour to promote Road House, an upcoming movie. He said that they have been in talks with UFC for a long time, and there is confirmation that it’s all systems go.

UFC fans are not as excited as they should be since there are no clear signs about the event. Chandler, for one, has redirected all the queries to Dana White. He has also posted a sarcastic message on X in response to a journalist highlighting that many people are taking the possibility seriously.

The possibility may have found its way to the light when Conor responded to Chandler, calling him out on February 19, 2024, during an episode of WWE Raw. McGregor didn’t take his comments lightly, saying that he was going to bust him up, adding that if he says something, it gets done.

While fans are still hopeful about their fight, their excitement has dipped considerably. They now seek confirmation from both of them, or the teaser overstayed its welcome.

McGregor apparently has 2 fights left in his contract with UFC. The priority is to have a trilogy fight against Nate Diaz at The Sphere. Conor believes that that is the absolute perfection of a fight. Fans and best UFC betting sites remain hell-bent on seeing him go against Chandler, for if it happens, it could break records and allow fans to cheer for the best participant.

Conor has expressed commitment to continue participating in UFC, stating that he loves the company and all the fighters and that he wishes to continue moving forward.

Aged 35, Conor has a total of 22 wins and 6 losses to his name in the lightweight category. He is often referred to as The Notorious and hails from Ireland. A fight between him and Chandler has already sparked excitement; however, fans are less interested now, for the momentum is unsure about its flow.

Michael downplays the possibility at a time when McGregor is serious about it, demonstrating that a final call is far from being taken. If taken, the contest could happen sometime in June-July this year. A final confirmation could come from either their official account or UFC.

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