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PokerBaazi Introduces Baazi Care Initiative to Encourage Responsible Gaming

PokerBaazi yet again proves itself to be a trailblazer by adopting the “Baazi Care” initiative to ensure a responsible gaming ecosystem for players. The brand, known to work towards promoting social causes constantly, had announced about their initiative earlier this month, stating that this would empower players to keep their gaming in check with its self-regulating tools.

What propelled PokerBaazi to launch this initiative?

With the rapid rise in the online gaming industry, risks, and mishaps associated with the problem, gambling has also been hovering. For example, the incident of a poker player committing suicide in Gujarat, owing to the loss of Rs 78 lakh in an online poker game at PokerBaazi, was reported in October this year. Police investigations revealed that the 39-year old deceased had borrowed a huge amount of money due to his poker addiction and went bankrupt.

Such a heart-breaking incident goes on to emphasize the importance of having a responsible gaming system. PokerBaazi, known as India’s most trusted online poker site, identified the gravity of the incident and decided to stop similar mishaps in the future.

Founder and CEO of PokerBaazi, Mr. Navkiran Singh, while talking about PokerBaazi’s new enterprise, emphasized players’ well-being and security to be their first priority; and that the site’s endeavor is to persistently come up with new attributes to ensure a “wholesome” gaming experience. He asked players to “stay tuned” since many new initiatives are on its way to being unveiled.

By taking this very humane approach, PokerBaazi is not only going to provide an enriching gaming experience but at the same time, also protect the gamers’ interests, balances for sure. PokerBaazi’s Responsible Gaming features consists of the following:

Putting Deposit Limits  

In order to successfully manage the bankroll, PokerBaazi permits players to set limits on their deposits.
Those who tend to play even after losing, putting a daily deposit limit to a lower amount would be judicious. But, for the ones who tend to chase losses frequently, restricting the deposit value over a week or month would be good. And, finally limiting the number of transactions is best for the ones who tend to get swayed during gaming.

Setting Cash Table and OFC Table Limits

PokerBaazi offers suggestions to players who are into high stakes cash and OFC games, to prevent them from going overboard. Players are advised to play at least 20-40 times the buy-in in any stakes; set lower stake limit when they start losing repeatedly; since playing higher stakes to recover loss would be risky.

Poker Break

The site suggests players take a break from playing to prevent overindulgence and jeopardization of their personal life.

Baazi Care

It has been tailored to meet the best interests of poker players. Barring the self-regulation tools present in the form of a button, players are also presented with help from outside. Baazi Care hosts a panel of specialized people who would offer their invaluable assistance. The professionals headed by Dr. Nisha Khanna, a psychologist and motivational speaker, would not only act as a guide to players whenever they seek help, but also would enlighten them about the side effects of addictions. The board of counselors will be there to aid the poker players to overcome their addiction and help them handle their personal as well as professional stress.

PokerBaazi’s inclination towards social causes

PokerBaazi has always been a keen promoter of social awareness. Its endeavor to educate the underprivileged children by being associated with the non-profit NGO KHUSHII, with the aim of funding around 40 underprivileged girls for one year, as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, is a testimony to that.
Furthermore, with the objective to furnish a safe environment to young children, and raise awareness, PokerBaaz has collaborated with Round Table India.
Earlier, in August 2018, it had taken the initiative to raise funds for the Kerala Flood Relief.

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