PUBG to Kick Off National Championship for Europe in November 2020

Days after announcing the release of its major update, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, popularly known as PUBG, is ready to host a national championship in Europe by the end of 2020. Being one of the world’s top multiplayer games, PUBG is set to kick-off another competition series for millions of its users. After the success of its previous World Series events, PUBG is now set to host its big championship for players in Europe.

Millions of online gamers and PUBG buffs from European countries are expected to take part in the PUBG National Cup Europe. The online multiplayer battle royale game is now gaining global dominance and has already expanded its PUBG Corporation in almost every continent in the world. Developed by a South Korean video game developer, Bluehole, PUBG is now helmed as the world’s biggest multiplayer e-gaming platform. PUBG Desktop and PUBG Mobile are already set to be updated with the 1.0 release in September 2020.

The upcoming European national PUBG tournament is expected to keep a $2 million prize for its esports gamers. The massively popular mobile battle royale is also set to become flashier with the upcoming update. The mobile version of PUBG is its biggest asset and, if not the most successful, games on the planet. With the 1.0 update, PUBG is improving its performance and adding features that can keep things interested for the next couple of years.

The planned $2 million PUBG tournaments for Europe’s esports market is set to kick off in November. It will adopt the latest software update and enable players with PUBG v1.0. The said tournament will run PUBG at a 30% increase in its frame rate, followed by a 76% reduction in lag on specific types of devices. The championship will also showcase PUBG with advanced visual and design elements, from an enhanced main lobby screen to multiple redesigns for sprinting, parachuting, driving, and other in-game movements.

Starting in November, the PUBG Europe Championship will also set off the mobile esports circuit in European countries. The event will be hosted as a combination of the PUBG World Championship and PUBG World Series. Europe gets its first PUBG Mobile Global Championship, which will assemble pro players from parts of Europe, South Asia, and Southeast Asia, along with participation from China and the Middle East and China. The total prize pool of this PUBG National Gaming Championship is $2 million.

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