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Rivalry pumps in $14 million for business growth

Rivalry, actively involved in running iGaming and sportsbook, has invested $14 million towards the overall growth of several verticals related to its business operations. The focus will be on promotional aspects, as well as the development of innovative products and to carry out its plans of expanding its territory. 

The company came out with a formal declaration regarding a non-brokered private placement provision of convertible debentures, along with the closure of the initial segment amounting to $14 million. The funding for this was carried out by a current institutional shareholder. Incidentally, all the mentioned figures are in the form of Canadian dollars.  

As per the provision, every convertible debenture will comprise a $1,000 principal figure of 10% secured convertible debentures, which will attain maturity on November 14, 2027. In the case of convertible debentures, the outstanding principal will be convertible as per the choice of the holders. This will be before the closure of the business, following the date of maturity, and be transformed into lower-level voting shares. The conversion price will be $1.40 for every lower-level voting share.  

According to the Co-Founder and CEO of Rivalry, Steven Salz, this funding amount from the institutional shareholder could not have come at a better time. This will help the company carry out the necessary changes required for its growth and move it towards its plans of increased profits in H1 2024. Salz added that the acquired funding will go towards introducing more advanced products in top online sportsbooks and an adequate promotional campaign for the same. 

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As per the provisions laid out, the convertible debentures will come with an interest amount starting from the issuing date at $10 yearly. Payments will be made every quarter in cash, beginning on 30 March, the next being June 30, and then September 30 and December 30. All of this will begin on December 31, 2025, and consider the interest collected since the issuance date and leading up to the first interest payment date.  

It is also to be noted that the added segments regarding non-brokered private placement provisions could witness a closure in the case of collective gross proceeds reaching $27,500,000.  

The convertible debentures will consist of the higher level secured responsibility of the company. The security factor will come from the total assets and property of the organization. This will be per a deal, which Rivalry’s affiliates will reinforce. 

The convertible debentures will be provided and sold to the investors in Canada in terms of a private placement. There will also be institutional accounted-for investors in the U.S. and investors beyond the shores of Canada and the U.S., as per the applied regulations. All of this will come with a holding period of four months.

The released securities, in accordance with the provision, will not be listed as per the U.S. Securities Act of 1933. It will not be possible to release the securities or sell them in the U.S., which will be considered unlawful. 

Rivalry Corp is owned and run by Rivalry Limited, an online sports betting and media organization providing licensed online betting regarding esports, conventional sports, and casinos. It is situated in Toronto and has an international team in over twenty countries and counting.

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