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The number of MLB playoff upsets rise significantly

The most surprising National League Championship Series was set up between San Diego Padres and Philadelphia Phillies after The Atlanta Braves and The Los Angeles Dodgers were eliminated from the weekend’s Major League Baseball. Among all National League baseball teams, the Phillies and Padres showed the fewest wins, 87 and 89, respectively.

Although the additional round of NLCS was jumbled this time, it didn’t stop the Phillies from knocking down the Braves and Cardinals, who were two division winners. Additionally, Padres slayed the Dodgers and New York Mets that combinedly won with a score of 212 in the regular season.

The final four teams of MLB might include three of the four playoff teams who performed the worst regular season run. The reason for this upset fever might be the format of the game, its false scheduling and the sport. Keep an eye on baseball betting sites to get all the needed updates about the game and other details of the matches being played.

Anyone can guess which player can perform better after repeatedly observing their matches. But here it seems like MLB is creating havoc with its new playoff format. The teams with a less regular-season record won three out of four Wild Card Series.

The American League Central champions, Cleveland Guardians, were the only team to win the Wild Card Series. A proper time off between two matches should be given to every team so that it allows exhausted and injured players to relax and heal till the next rotation. However, the false scheduling might also be a debate for this season’s playoff. Unlike other games, Baseball adheres to the series forcing the teams to play more randomly.

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