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Pro League Network and BrinxTX sign a production deal

Pro League Network and BrinxTV have reportedly signed a production deal. Thai brings together a streaming service and sports betting company, enabling them to share the know-how on the production. Also, all the content that is jointly or individually produced will be conducted over BrinxTV for the users to see. Specifically speaking, the content will relate to made-for-wagering covering live sports.

Moreover, the production deal between the two will also cover entertainment shows produced by Pro League Network. For instance, PLN House will run alongside other services. The show will be produced in the form of an entertainment and supporting service to the platform. It is said that the project will be covered at Trillith Studios in Atlanta. In other words, it will be shot on location.

This showcases the innovative approach of Pro League Network and the confidence that BrinxTV has in its partner. John Brenkus from BrinxTV has echoed a similar tone. The Founder of BrinxTV has said that PLN is ahead of the curve when it comes to the sports betting market. John has added that the projects that are produced by PLN reflect entertainment in their best form. It simultaneously showcases the best rewards that can be taken home by participants.

Notably, the offering adheres to US Integrity guidelines. This makes BrinxTV and PLN a safe partner.

The list of content, or projects by PLN, includes content like the World Putting League, CarJitsu, Pillow Fight Championship, and Xtreme Long Drive, to mention a few. Bill Yucatonis, the Co-President & Co-Founder of PLN, has appreciated BrinxTV & its founder, John, for their efforts to create a platform that perfectly suits their portfolio of offerings. Bill has also expressed their excitement with the collaboration as it allows them to introduce sports to the fans of BrinxTV.

When live, the fans of BrinxTV will be able to bet Brinx Bux on the upcoming edition of the CarJitsu Championship, among other events. Sports betting is likely to take a huge jump, courtesy of the partnership between BrinxTV and Pro League Network.

The move follows the Pro League Network onboarding of two new executives, a content producer, and a regulatory advisor.

According to the betting news, there is another partnership that is making headlines in sports betting. This pertains to STS and GKS Katowice. The deal requires GKS to display the logo of STS on LED banners, social media posters, and walls of the Bukawo Stadium. The partnership deal also seeks that STS gets its recognition in the newsletters of GKS.

The STS logo will be displayed on the front of women’s football jerseys and on the sleeves of ice hockey players. Any customer who signs up on STS for the first time will receive PLN 300, or $75.54, as a bonus.

Pro League Network and BrinxTV have joined hands. This aligns with the current trend that is being followed by companies who are in the business of betting or gambling for sports.

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