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An online casino gaming platform attracts a lot of attention. This happens for two reasons. One is that online gaming has been on the rise for a long time. Another reason is that most of them now accept Cryptocurrency instead of the traditional currency.

Legality is still a concern at many locations, but the rising trend of online casino gaming is here to stay. is a new online casino gaming platform that has entered the market. The present moment may be too early to conclude its success, but if experts are to be believed, then it has got all the tools to succeed in the future.

Details Of

Players indulge in online casino gaming with the hope of turning their small money into a big one. Many platforms, therefore, keep their doors open to all types of players. has done the same thing with one exception.

It has tagged itself as a platform that is designed for those who are big spenders or whales. This may not be an issue as it has further said that games with lower budgets were also available.

However, its main theme and selling point revolves around the idea that you must bet a sizable amount to win a huge reward.

To support all the types of players, has come up with two different types of slots. One slot enables the players to leverage the conventional method of wagering a small amount. Another slot targets the whales.

The second type of slot being offered by can be played in special high roller editions. It facilitates riskier gameplay. It is expensive and carries more chances of losing a lot of money.

One thing that is always directly linked with online casino games is that the higher the amount you bet, the higher the amount you lose. Technically, the second slot is merely working on this principle.

The main catch that is offered by is that it offers Crypto-friendly casino games. Players can play the games with Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency.

There is no lower limit on Bitcoin-based casino games with a high stake. Players can even claim up to 15% of the reward in the form of a cashback. This is awarded to a player every day he or she plays a game on the platform.

Every game on is mobile-friendly. They can be played at any time and in any location that the gamer desires. Some of the games include blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps, and table poker. Read more about top Bitcoin Baccarat sites in detail. has more than 2,000 online games. These are offered by more than 30 software providers. Every game on the platform carries an RNG certificate. Players can also play video poker on the platform.

Two more crucial features of the platform are instant payment and 24 hours 7 days availability of customer support.

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