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Rugby World Cup: Fiji to face England in a quarterfinal match

In the quarterfinal encounter that will be played out as part of the Rugby World Cup, Fiji will be playing against England. Fiji managed to oust Australia in spite of the fact that they had gone through an enormous loss of 24-23 to Portugal, the team achieving their first win in the World Cup tournament following an eight-time try.

Samuel Marques scored the game-winning goal after Rodrigo Marta’s attempt in the 78th minute. This was a significant moment for the team, as the players were participating in the World Cup for the second time.

Despite the fact that the Fiji team slowed down its run, they still have the opportunity to play in the quarterfinals, following a loss of a bonus point that saw Australia exit the tournament, a first for the World Cup. In spite of the fact that the first half saw a score of 3-3, Portugal took over in the second half.

Fiji’s attempt after 45 minutes witnessed Raffaele Storti falling short in the first half, with Pedro Bettencourt taking a corner shot and Marques scoring a touchdown. That helped to activate the Fiji team, with Levani Botia carrying out an excellent run, followed by Frank Lomani equalizing the score. 

In the meantime, Botia had to exit the scene for a head contact, and Portugal took the advantage with Francisco Fernandes going for a touchdown, bringing the score to 17-10. Fiji retaliated by bypassing Mesake Doge, and Lomani took over to tally the score. The penalties taken by Lomani saw Fiji come up with a 23-17 score. 

However, in the 78th minute of play, Storti approached the goal line and transferred the ball to Marta, who completed the required action. Marques assumed command, ensuring Portugal’s victory.

Wales will face Argentina on October 14 in the opening quarterfinal match in Marseille. This occurs on the same day before the match between Ireland and New Zealand at the Stade de France. On Sunday, England will face Fiji in Marseille, followed by France playing South Africa in Paris.

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