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SCCG Management collaborates with SSTrader

SCCG Management has forged a mutually beneficial collaboration with SSTrader, which is a company in sports analytics and an AI-boosted prediction platform. This joining hands has occurred at a time when SCCG Management is focusing on going further into AI, for which the company has formed an alliance with OddsAI, a sports betting firm.

A short while back, SSTrader developed ChatSST, which is known to be the first AI-boosted chatbot involved in providing all-inclusive and individualistic game predictions. The company has been joining hands with various sports betting businesses like Yepp, Grin Gaming, and Snapscreen. And the latest collaboration is with SSTrader.  

According to the betting news, Stephen Crystal, the chief executive officer of SCCG Management, spoke with Gambling Insider about the company’s ongoing efforts to establish partnerships with leading companies in the gambling industry. According to him, SSTrader is a platform that integrates large amounts of data with artificial intelligence and machine learning and has a futuristic outlook on sports betting. He also disclosed that their AI-enhanced chatbot is the only user-engagement tool that will revolutionize sports wagering.

As far as the Strategic Advisor and Partner of SSTrader, Boris Chaikin, is concerned, it is most fortunate for them to be associated with SCCG, which will help their company get an immense boost in taking it to the next level and solidifying their position in the sports betting arena.

SCCG Management is a prominent management consulting firm of seasoned leaders from the global gaming industry who provide expert solutions for strategic success with a concentration on iGaming, Sports Betting, E-Sports, and Casino Technology. With international offices in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, and Latin America and a global network that spans over three decades, SCCG connects clients with the best strategic partners for global expansion. 

SSTrader is an innovative sports analytics platform that uses big data, AI, and ML to change the face of the sports betting market. The platform’s innovative visualizations and in-depth statistical analysis are changing the way people interact with and learn from sports betting information.

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