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Australia T20 Cricket bet continues its evergreen popularity

The Covid-19 pandemic took away a lot of time for cricket fans; however, they are ready to return to the stadium and cheer on their favorite team. This year’s edition of the ICC T20 World Cup has registered the selling of over 600,000 tickets so far.

Authorities have hailed the response citing a huge demand for the sell-out blockbuster games. Around 90,000 audiences will alone mark their presence for India vs. Pakistan. The arch rivalry between the two teams was last tested in the Asia Cup, where Pakistan took the spot from India for the final.

Standing-room tickets are sold out as well. It was only a matter of 10 minutes for the slots to get filled. Stadiums are expected to run at full capacity, especially for the matches between Australia – New Zealand and India – Pakistan. It will be a sight to experience when fans cheer for their teams and players. In addition to physically marking their presence, fans can get on board virtually by streaming the live match or engaging with cricket betting sites. The latter is pretty popular in India and other nations where cricket is a dominating sport. What has struck fame in cricket betting sites is the rising acceptance of the short cricket format and national leagues like the Indian Premier League, Pakistan Premier League, and Big Bash League, among many others.

Even though national leagues are widely popular, international tournaments still attract a larger number of participants on cricket betting sites. Top cricket betting sites have huge welcome bonuses, faster sign-up, and various betting options. Australia won the title when it previously clashed with New Zealand in the final of the 2021 T20 World Cup. Both teams will again face each in the opening match of Super 12 on October 22, 2022. England and Afghanistan are scheduled to play each other on the same day. India goes against Pakistan on October 23, 2022.

Group Stage starts on October 16, 2022. Sri Lanka faces Namibia on the same day the UAE goes against the Netherlands. West Indies and Sri Lanka will likely find a place in Super 12. There are 4 spots empty, with 8 teams already on the table. Australia is the favorite to lift the title again. Australian betting sites have placed Australia at the top position, followed by England and India.

According to Betway, the odds for Australia, England, and India are 3.60, 4.30, and 4.50, respectively. Australia will likely have the advantage of playing the tournament on their home soil.

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