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Sports Wagering Kicks Off in Buffalo at Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino

The Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino has finally announced the beginning of sports betting.

The Sports Lounge of Seneca Buffalo Creek conducted the ceremony of the first bet along with the ribbon inauguration on Friday morning. The betting began on the same day, on December 13.

The event marks the very first opening of a sports lounge within the Seneca Gaming Corporation.

Earlier this year, a proposal by NYS Senate was sanctioned by the New York State Gaming Commission. The proposal was regarding legalizing sports betting in New York.

Seneca Resorts & Casinos added stations of electronic kiosks along with some in-person vents to bring bets. The CEO of Seneca Gaming, Holly Gagnon, spoke that they would also make in-play betting available.

The technological sponsor is Kambi, a leading sports betting sites USA. Kambi also announced an exclusive partnership with Buffalo Sabres in November.

Bettors must be present at the site in the Buffalo casino for executing a bet with the help of electronic kiosks along with the teller windows. They can even bet offsite over a smartphone, by a QR code that will finish the property bet.

West Seneca’s John Riccardi is one of the initial ones wagering at the big Buffalo casino. He placed a $20 bet on Bills to succeed Sunday night. Riccardi had taken leave when he learned about the event over the radio and was just curious to stop by.

Riccardi said that

I think if we’re going to do (legalized sports betting), we might as well get some of the revenue and it might as well stay here, rather than going online to other parts of the country or other places. If it’s going to benefit the area, I’m all for it.

Then there had been a $40 bet by Rickey Armstrong Sr., the Seneca Nation President, over the Bills to take down the Steelers. Steelers have been taking shape at the Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino in Seneca Buffalo Creek.

A number of other betters took inspiration from Armstrong. Customers are powered to wager on all sports, including hockey, football, and basketball, as well as some martial arts. The list, however, does not include Horse racing.

Armstrong named the inclusion of on-site betting as monumental, yet implicated a hope for an added edition of sports betting.

Brick and mortar [betting] is going to be substantial profit, but we’re also waiting for (online betting) to come in, maybe next year through legislation,

said Armstrong, dressed in a replica Sabres jersey with uniform No. 21.

Holly Gagnon, Seneca Gaming’s CEO, refused to comment on the additional revenue that 3 of the casinos will generate via sports betting.

I think we really expect Buffalo to be much more active than some of the other markets [in the state] because Buffalo is such a great sports town,

she said.

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