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Saints Vs. Dolphins Odds, Prediction, Betting Trends for NFL ‘monday Night Football

The Miami Dolphins are on their way to face the Saints in New Orleans. This football game on the Monday night of week 16 is going to be a decider as both teams have previously settled coincidentally on 7-7. The Dolphins have given a comeback of 6 consecutive wins after a shaky 1-7 start. Another win not just means a 7th win, but the Dolphins would climb on to the 7th seed position in the final wild-card of NFC. The Saints of New Orleans, on the other hand, are fighting for a position behind the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers.

Dolphins vs. Saints

As far as the firepower is concerned, the Dolphins are a much-improved side and whose 6-win comeback proves this point evidently. Under the coaching of Bian Flores and the play of the nimble quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, Dolphins currently seem formidable for any team. This season has not been good to the Saints, given this losing streak in the mid-season games. On top of that, various injuries and the coronavirus have weakened the stance of the Saints for their share. But this does not mean they should be undermined, given their recent wins. It seems the Saints have taken their defense back online, and the field would likely be a battleground on Monday night.

Betting: the Odds and Trends

The following is, in essence, all one needs to know before placing bets on, NFL betting sites, a Monday night game of the 16th week.

The spread betting prediction stays at Dolphins by 3. The over/under stake, on the other hand, is currently at 36.5. The Dolphins are at -164 and the Saints at +138 for Moneyline betting. The overall picture gives Dolphins the greater edges. Despite starting up as favorites, the Saints have been weakened by the pandemic and many injuries during the season.

Reportedly, 59% of the spread bettors are concerned about the small margin given the recent comebacks of the Saints. And 55% of the over/under lot feels the number is very minute below the 40 points mark. Moreover, with a 5-4-1 against the spread, the Dolphins have got 6-4 in the last game. The Saints got 5-5 in the last game against a 5-5 spread.

The Saints and the Dolphins have gone 12 times head-to-head against each other, and each won 6 of the 12. Statistically speaking, Saints have the best defense by letting the opponents score in the red zone only 43.8% of the time. With 51% percent, Dolphins look strong as well. Not to mention the comeback after one of the poorest starts in the season. Although the overall picture favors the Dolphins currently, the Saints would also be eager to garb their home win.

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