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Sandro Tonali faces a 10-month suspension

Sandro Tonali, who is a Newcastle midfielder, is up against a 10-month suspension from professional football. This is because of his non-compliance with wagering rules. The suspension ends his present Premier League tournaments and his desire to participate in Euro 2024. As per Tonali’s agent, he has been going through a rough patch of being unable to control his gambling urges, for which the agent has pledged his complete backing in getting him off it.

As per the decision taken by the concerned authorities regarding his suspension, Tonali is required to submit himself to an eight-month rehabilitation session and take an active part in public service in Italy. Along with that, Tonali’s 11 million euros yearly salary will be blocked, and Newcastle will be scouting for a suitable substitute player. However, Tonali has permission to take part in friendly matches.

Tonali’s lawyers submitted a plea bargain in Rome and accepted the fact that he was engaged in wagering on various matches, even in the case of his previous club, AC Milan. This turn of events has put Newcastle in an unfortunate situation, as they had dished out 54 million euros for Tonali’s game contribution.

Where the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) is concerned, they began a thorough inquiry about disrespecting rules in the case of Tonali, along with various other professional footballers. As per the federation, Nicolo Fagioli, a Juventus midfielder, is facing a seven-month suspension, and in the case of Nicolo Zaniolo, the verdict is awaited and will only entail a monetary aspect.

Acknowledging the order, the President of FIGC, Gabriele Gravina, divulged that the FICC prosecutor and Tonali had reached an acceptable conclusion. There will be a 10-month suspension and eight months of rehabilitation, with 16 public appearances. He reached out to all players to comply with the set rules.

According to latest betting news, Newcastle has not shared any formal comment on the suspension orders for Tonali. The club, however, has jotted down certain names with regards to a substitute player, like Kalvin Phillips, belonging to Manchester City, along with Amadou Onana from Everton, Joao Palhinha from Fulham, and Scott McTominay from Manchester United. 

Regarding the accusations, the agent of Tonali, Guiseppe Riso, took the initiative of speaking to the media and mentioned Tomali’s frame of mind and his total regret for his misdoings. Riso reiterated that Tomali will, in the end, be the winner.

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