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CopyBet makes its entry into Ireland

CopyBet has made its entry into Ireland and will be introducing its sportsbook, which will include Gaelic football for the audience. Added to that will be a non-analogue automated copy wagering mechanism. The company was set up in the UK in 2016.

According to the brand ambassador of CopyBet, Shay Given, it is an honor for him to be associated with CopyBet. In his opinion, the markets in Ireland will be the ideal playing field for the company’s business, especially with the inclusion of Gaelic football and a cutting-edge online sportsbook. There will be plenty of revenue-generating options from sports like football, horse racing, rugby union, hurling, and others.

Of late, CopyBet is known to have introduced horse racing to its audience and roped in Jonathan Burke, an Irish jockey, to be its brand ambassador.

In Burke’s case, he has more than 200 winnings to his credit and will have the CopyBet logo on him, as well as his racing kit across the season. He will be required to impart know-how regarding the jump racing space to the audience.

In the words of the Business Development Director at CopyBet, Anton Ivanov, the company’s venture into the Irish market will help them spread their business further within Europe.

CopyBet offers wagerers a one-of-a-kind platform for furthering their sports wagering exposure. 2024 is expected to be an absolutely thrilling year for the bettors as it witnesses various sporting activities in Ireland.

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