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Super Bowl betting favor the Kansas City Chiefs with 73% of wagers

The Chiefs secured a majority of 73% of Super Bowl wagering in their favor, while the 49ers received 27% of the wagers, according to data from bet365. Nevertheless, this appears to be at odds with the information provided by other sportsbooks that support the 49ers. 

The Super Bowl season is an exceptionally profitable and exhilarating time for sportsbooks and the wagering industry as a whole. The 2023 Super Bowl prompted Kambi to issue a statement indicating that the organization experienced its highest-ever attrition. GeoComply was the one to report that 8.5 million accounts were active over the weekend in 2024. It appears that nearly two million new users were waiting in line to register with authorized sports betting platforms before the commencement of the events. 

The Chiefs, Taylor Swift, and Travis Kelce were the subjects of multiple wagers offered by betMGM. Having a total of 22, Wagers provided devotees with the opportunity to place bets on both Kelce and The Last Time. 

Additional classifications included Everything Has Changed and Fifteen, the former contingent upon the Chiefs claiming the lead in the fourth quarter and the former on quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ selection as Super Bowl MVP, respectively. 

In relation to the wagers that were accepted over the weekend, an official from bet365 disclosed that the NFL Finals of the previous year were the most unsatisfactory for the organization in terms of NFL sports betting. Comparable circumstances appeared to have arisen in 2024, when two highly coveted teams were arrayed against one another. Although not nearly as terrible as had been anticipated. 

There were much more bets on Kelce scoring a touchdown than on San Francisco winning, a trend that persisted until the last kickoff.  

Following the 2024 Super Bowl, bet365 has placed 5/1 odds on the 49ers to win the 2025 Super Bowl. The Chiefs, Ravens, and Bills possess 7/1, 9/1, and 10/1, respectively. 

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