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SkinClub launches biggest esports game: Intel Extreme Masters

The hype surrounding IEM Rio Major 2022 boosts after SkinClub’s announcement. The CS: GO-based case opening site will allow users to easily bet on the upcoming competition. According to SkinClub’s latest post, CS: GO fans will get the chance to indulge in pick’em betting to earn prizes during the event. 

As one of the best platforms within the esports betting sites domain, SkinClub is known and trusted globally.

Initiated back in 2006, IEM, or Intel Extreme Masters is a professional gaming tour. This time, the gaming tour is running the eighteenth major for CS: GO. The competition will be held in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) from October 31 to November 12. Both Valve and ESL will be overviewing the event to ensure its seamlessness. Saying that the event was much anticipated would be an understatement since it was supposed to be conducted in May 2020. As the health outbreak spread, the event was postponed until now, when it is finally coming back.

Names like Natus Vincere, Sprout Heroic, Team Liquid, Team Spirit, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and FaZe Clan will compete as Legends during the event. On the other hand, Challenges will include BIG Clan, MOUZ, 9Z Team, Bad News Eagles, OG, Evil Geniuses, and Team Vitality.

The prize pool for the event is set at a whopping 1,250,000 dollars, originally set at $1 million. However, the IEM Road came through, taking the prize pool to$1,250,000. The winner will take home a massive $500,000, making the competition even more cut-throat.

As for the pick’em event, bettors can win 350+ skins during the competition. All they need to do is follow these steps:-

  1. Sign up using Steam on SkinClub.
  2. Choose a team that will progress without a defeat, and pick one that is to be eliminated without wins. Finally, select the seven teams that’ll advance.
  3. Every correct prediction will earn users two points.
  4. The points are redeemed to participate in SkinClub’s giveaway.
  5. The betting site will randomly select lucky winners who’ll earn the skins.

Given the popularity of CS: GO, and IEM, the event and the giveaway are expected to be a massive hit.

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