Casino News and Partner with King Kaka as Global Ambassador

Also known as Kennedy Ombima, King Kaka carries his own persona of being creative and unique with his style of rapping. King Kaka debuted in the music industry in the year 2006. He then went on to become the best rapper in the entire world, especially in the Kenyan region.

Even though an artist, King Kaka carried entrepreneurial insights with him throughout his life. The debut in the music industry was followed by King Kaka launching two ventures in 2012 and 2015. He has also been actively inclined towards Cryptocurrency.

King Kaka x x and found a global face in the creativity and uniqueness of King Kaka. They, therefore, have partnered with the rapper to assist them in bringing a revolution in the Crypto industry. The focus will be on the entire world but the partnership is expected to have a stronger impact on the African region.

The rap icon has always been inclined towards innovation. What supports this skill of his is the attempt to constantly top what he delivered earlier to the music industry. King Kaka brings in the tags of creativity and realism along with him.

One album that speaks highly about his personality is Tales of Kaka Sungura Sunguuch, a 17-track album that had a blend of the African hip hop genre present in most of the tracks. Album was a huge hit and earned him several awards. has revolutionized the online betting industry by merging cutting-edge technology with cryptocurrency knowledge and a commitment to providing its users with the most enjoyable, quick, and fair gaming experience possible. Both and are a part of the Yolo group which brings next-level innovation to the worlds of gaming, fintech, blockchain, and more. The websites feature a range of games including the Bombay Club, slots, roulette, live blackjack, bitcoin craps, video bingo, baccarat, and slots.

At the peak of his career, King Kaka decided to venture into the apparel industry by launching his own lining of clothes. Called Niko Kwa Jam Nakam, the clothing line went live in the market in the year 2012.

It was soon followed by the establishment of a purified water company in 2015. Kaka Empire’s Majik Water, too, became a huge success in the market within a few days.

A total of three factors made him an eligible candidate to partner with and His realism, uniqueness, and entrepreneurial insights.

Additionally, King Kaka has proved to be a suitable partner as he has been actively inclined towards crypto investments.

King Kaka was recently awarded flight tickets to London along with a ticket to West Ham vs Arsenal. He experienced the professional serving of a chef who greeted him with unlimited drinks and food.

King Kaka shared this as a part of his experience that he had at the Emirates Stadium. Calling the entire experience delightful, King Kaka recalled how he was seated at the VIP box inside the stadium and asked to spend a night at Hilton.

Players who actively engage on and know that King Kaka as a global face is enough to attract more users. Once onboard, the games offered by the platforms will themselves do the job of retaining users for a longer time.

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