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SportStack Makes Its Debut in the UK Market

The wait for the launch of SportStack has finally come to an end today as the leading new sports trading platform has gone live in the UK. The goal of the SportsStack is to revolutionize sports betting. The platform will make speculation possible on player performance for the first time.

The purpose of the platform is to lay focus on football match markets and it is expected to be launched in various international markets to alter the global sports betting landscape.

Presently, SportsStack is planning to rate Premier League Footballers as per their performance. It will give players a chance to purchase and sell against other users.

The platform has been established by Kristian-Brauten Smith and Nicholas Smith in a span of two years.

Nick Smith, Founder and CEO of SportsStack, said,

Nick Smith, Founder and CEO of SportsStack, said,

The platform came into existence using AI technology. It will allow real-time betting on player performance. According to SportsStack claims, the money that customers will win or lose will be based on the player’s share price. SportStack has also eliminated all forms of binary betting.

Earlier, Smith asserted that the SportsStack platform is different from the present services like Football Index as it is a real exchange. It has the capacity to go long and short with bets coordinated by other users instead of betting against the house. You can now place bets on some of the best online football betting sites during the match.

The payment of the entire amount will take place when the match ends in line with the Scoring Table. The Match Markets are scheduled to open at the beginning of every week and will continue to remain open till the end of the game.

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