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Sri Lanka seems a safer bet in T20 World Cup

Teams in Australia are competing to survive in the qualifying group stage. The top four teams will join the table to complete the formation of the Super 12. Sri Lanka’s defeat in the previous match came as a shock. Namibia defeated the former T20 World Cup Champion and the current Asia Cup Champion. It has moved closer to the Super 12, more matches awaiting. Despite losing the first match against Namibia, Sri Lanka remains a safer bet for the next match against the UAE. It currently carries the odds of 1.07, while the UAE has odds of 6.70 on the wall. Sri Lanka’s defeat was nothing normal. Namibia managed to put up a total of 163 after losing 7 wickets. 

It could have been difficult for Sri Lanka to chase down the target of 164, given the rate at which they were playing. The UAE is coming from a defeat as well. It recently went against the Netherlands, who managed to chase the target of 112, losing 7 wickets and 1 ball. The Netherlands retained their spot on the table with such a close match. Sri Lanka could not chase the target, and the UAE could not defend its total. The next match between the two teams will be an exciting one for sure. Sri Lanka lost the first match in Asia Cup but claimed victory in the final match. A similar trend could be underway, waiting to emerge.

The team is known to fight back harder. However, the spot was close to slipping down the drain before they took hold of the situation to reach the finals against India. As for the next match, bets on Sri Lanka are safer than on UAE. It is less likely for such an upsetting event to happen again, considering the stature Sri Lanks hold in cricket. Cricket betting sites have placed the UAE with 6.70. However, this could be either way. Bettors can either lose their money or earn huge rewards. 

Sri Lanka and Namibia-like situation is likely to happen again; however, incidents can be repeated in an unlikely manner.

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