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Strauss Due for Indictment on Terrorism Charges

Kenneth Strauss, an American poker player has been arrested on terrorism charges. He has been making terroristic threats against many Las Vegas resorts. Kenneth Strauss was found posting threats on his social media account. He had also been arrested earlier in July at the Trump International Hotel.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police found him suspicious while checking in Red Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.  The American was trying to lure an eight-year-old boy accused by one of his family members. After this incident, Strauss was asked to leave the hotel property immediately. But the allegations are still under investigations as per the Las Vegas Police.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Department arrested Kenneth Strauss after he left the Red Rock Hotel and was heading towards the Trump International Hotel. The metropolitan officers took him under custody for the threats at both the hotels. The 45 years old man has been ordered to hold on a $150000 bond for making false threats and information on terrorism. As per the police records, he had posted on his twitter account, “And all Casinos that have banned will be destroyed effective immediately.”

According to the arrest report, Strauss said that he checked in Trump International Hotel at 2:40 PM and told the staff that he had been asked to leave Red Rock Hotel-casino and has no place to stay. The hotel staff found the information suspicious but still allowed Strauss to check-in.

The security at the Red Rock Hotel informed the police that Strauss was reportedly harassing and stalking a sport’s reported as he thought that she might be his daughter from a relationship when he was 11 years old.

The police also noticed Kenneth’s strange behavior during his arrest after that he was sent to a psychiatric hospital. They said that he used to talk to himself on various occasions. During his arrest in July, the police informed that Strauss had lost a bet in WSOP in Rio-hotel and had pulled off his pants and exposed himself.

During the investigation by the Las Vegas police, when Strauss was asked about the tweets he had made, he said that he was trying to warn his friends about shooting and natural disasters. Before submitting his phone to the Las Vegas police, he tried to delete all his messages, contacts, and previous tweets. According to the report if someone found guilty will try to delete all the evidence store in his phone and this is what Kenneth was trying to do.

Police also informed that Strauss has shown various signs of schizophrenic and continuously saying, “Kill them all.” The court has asked Kenneth Strauss to appear on 10 September 2019.

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