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Super Bowl breaks viewership records since moonwalk broadcast

The Super Bowl has concluded, but not the fever and hype around the football event. If anything, the next edition could be bigger than this. Super Bowl LVIII bagged the highest viewership of 123.7 million, out of which CBS alone reported the number of 120.3 million. Other channels contributing to the overall number are Nickelodeon, NFL+, and Paramount+. It does not take into account the number of people who watched the game in a bar or restaurant.

A broadcasting number of 123.7 million is indeed impressive. It smashed the record number of people who watched a human land on the moon on July 20, 1969. Also, it smashed the broadcasting figure of the previous year, which was 115.1 million combined.

What made this year’s Super Bowl interesting was the presence of two top-notch performers: the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. Adding spice to that excitement were Usher, HER, Alicia Keys, and Lil Jon, among others. Taylor Swift and her alleged affair with Travis Kelce did the rest. She was seen cheering for the Chiefs and biting her nails when the moments were tough.

The OT win for the Chiefs delivered a perfect conclusion. Both sides remained pointless in the opening quarter of the football game. San Francisco then gained a 7-point advantage, scored 10 points, and held their opponent to just 3. Momentum shifted, and so did the game.

The final tally landed on the scoreboard was 25-22 in favor of Kansas City.

Ashwin Navin, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Samba TV, said many factors were key in driving the broadcasting viewership. This includes heavy spending on advertisements and the presence of Taylor Swift. The latter aspect is expected to have driven Swifties in a large number, even if they were less or uninterested in the NFL game.

The Chiefs woke up on Monday filled with excitement for the win. The 49ers certainly have a lot to introspect about.

Patrick Mahomes registered 2 TDs, followed by Mecole with 1 TD and Marquez with a single touchdown. There is a chance that the 49ers could not find a player to rely on, or losing momentum was obvious since the initial thrill ended pretty quickly. Christian McCaffrey found one TD, and so did Jauan Jennings.

Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas is hopeful it will host the Super Bowl again. Curtains are yet to be raised about that; however, Las Vegas hosting another edition would have a high probability of breaking the record again, attracting attention from the best online football betting sites.

Nielsen has estimated that there are 123.7 million viewers in the US. That number has broken the Super Bowl record in the history of 58 years. The numbers during the first moonwalk in 1969 also shattered.

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