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Team Liquid and Coinbase Sign Four-Year Agreement

Team Liquid and Coinbase have entered into a four-year collaborative event partnership to provide actionable opportunities to the community for competition, fandom, and entertainment. Digital ownership is not new to many in esports, with online exchange experiences ranging from gaming stores to gaming currencies. 

Team Liquid Co-CEO Steve Arhancet stated that the firm was searching for a partner with actual infrastructure to support that is made to last, as well as proven experience and subtlety in the new, complicated realm of decentralized finance and banking. Coinbase, they discovered, has all of these characteristics. Victor “Nazgul” Goossens, Co-CEO of Team Liquid, believes in greater opportunities in a decentralized market.

Although there are a variety of cryptocurrency exchange platforms out there, the resources and team behind Coinbase provide a transparent system for learning, expanding, and mastering the exchanges. Coinbase’s interest in the relatively young, growing, and full-of-potential environment of esports, which promotes innovation, equality, and efficiency, led them to Team Liquid.

Team Liquid was founded on the conviction that esports, teams, and athletes could represent so much more to the world than just a small niche. Arhancet and Goossens concentrated on partnerships that appreciate operating past constraints as esports rapidly evolved into a core sports entertainment across the globe.

Cryptocurrency is already forming a massive market, enabling personal investment in a new kind of frontier and level. The opportunity to get to know Coinbase cryptocurrencies in a friendly way in a team-liquid way expands the personal reach.  Many esports players have familiarity with online transactions ranging from in-game stores to gaming currencies, so having digital places isn’t a strange notion to them. As bitcoin exchanges grow into a vast and dynamic business, the technological progress and real-world effect Coinbase provides is a great chance for Team Liquid to improve technological operations.

Competitive Advantage 

Team Liquid values ​​long-term wins. Coinbase’s guidelines for creating new paths in uncharted territory utilizing groundbreaking technologies, designs, and implementations are proven.

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