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The Citadel beat Notre Dame in dominating second half

While the dominance was pretty evident from the beginning, it was in the second half that the Bulldogs made sure to close the game by a huge margin. The Fighting Irish had no choice but to defend their pride with just 16 goals after the first half.

Notre Dame finished with a total of 45 points. This was in contrast to the Citadel, who scored 65 points. The Bulldogs are now at a record of 7-5. Notre Dame continues to survive with 4–7 at the bottom of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Their losing streak is at 3 events with the potential to get broken against the Marist in the next couple of days. As Notre Dame closed the gap to 29 points, three points behind the Bulldogs, viewers of the basketball game anticipated a razor-thin victory.

Their field goal stood at 26.6 with 3 of 24 3-pointers. J.R. took the onus upon him, finding 18 points in total while being complemented by Markus with 13 points. There was little support from others except Kebba, who managed 5 points for this name. Tae and Braeden each scored two points.

The Citadel, on the other hand, had four performers who did not let others feel the pinch of the game. Quentin and Madison each contributed 15 points to the board. They were closely followed by Morgan and Smith with 19 and 13 points, respectively. It is only safe to conclude that Morgan did his best and others kept up with the ongoing pace.

According to the sports news, Joyce Center will host more basketball games, but the most recent one has established that the momentum can be carried forward with full throttle.

The Bulldogs have learned from their previous game against the Cougars, where they lagged in the first and again in the second half. It was a 3-game winning streak before they secured the tally of 86-71 for the loss. Performers did not change in that game, except there was a negative difference and, again, a lesson to be learned from that basketball game. The streak started against Charleston and continued against NC A&T and Pfeiffer.

Moving forward, they are up against Toccoa Falls and WCU, ending 2023 with the former and beginning 2024 with the latter. Notre Dame will end their year against 22 Virginia and start the new year against NC State.

They last won a game against Western MI with a final tally of 86-65. That broke their losing streak of two games. The streak is at its 3-game, setting the stage for another win. A question that remains under the radar is whether losing streaks must continue to land a definite win. Losing in their backyard was unexpected, but it happened nonetheless. Future games will reflect how they trend the games for a rise.

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