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The Outbreak of Norovirus at Louisiana Casino Infects 200, Urgent Investigations Started

A highly contagious virus outbreak last week is reported at a Louisiana casino. The virus is known as norovirus and has reportedly affected over 200 people. The data has been provided by the officials of state health investigating the situation. The casino, however, refused to comment anything on the matter. Lake Charles is situated in southwestern Louisiana, around 200 miles from New Orleans towards the west. The outbreak happens in the middle of a wider health concern and outbreak of Chinese coronavirus, the inception of which was from Wuhan, China. The virus has reportedly infected around 37,600 and took the lives of over 800 people till now.

The Department of Health in Louisiana has announced in a statement on Thursday that the reported illnesses at L’Auberge Casino in Lake Charles were triggered by norovirus, which infects people with gastrointestinal illness leading to vomiting, stomach pain, and diarrhea.

The officials asserted that the virus had infected at least 200 people. The regional medical director, Dr. Lacey Cavanaugh announced that almost a hundred people had attended the most recent events at the casino. She said that the agency got a minimum of 200 surveys of people who report symptoms of similar kinds.

Cavanaugh reported that the virus becomes contagious as soon as the symptoms begin. However, it can take 3 weeks for the symptoms to subside.

She said,

Cavanaugh reported

In order to bridle the outbreak, officials announced some measures and precautions to take. People must stay at home, wash and rinse their hands with disinfectants and clean the house areas with household cleaners and bleach. The Health Department said that anyone who has recently become infected with norovirus must participate in an online survey.

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