THNDR introduces Clinch API

THNDR Games has announced the launch of Clinch API. It has been briefly defined as a high-frequency and depositless API that is aimed to onboard a larger number of players to the ecosystem. THNDR Games is not new to the concept, but it is already credited with introducing almost 80% of its customers to Bitcoin for the first time.

According to the latest gaming news, Clinch API serves as a limitless wagering opportunity with a mechanism that instantly settles customer transactions. THNDR Games has expressed confidence in the launch, saying that it is ready to take on the online gambling industry, which is worth approximately $95 billion.

THNDR Games has listed six games on Google Play and the App Store with millions of downloads. It is also credited with boosting the progress of Lightning Network, with a share of 3%.

To date, THNDR Games’s development has focused on delivering divisions, avatars, and duels. The community continues challenging the team to think creatively and introduce more innovations to the platform. The current update results from eight months of dedicated community service and update development. Again, this encompasses social components, competitions, and PvP variants.

It was only obvious for the community to seek monetary rewards from the game, considering they were introduced to Bitcoin pretty early. The paid competitive game (PCG) model refers to the distribution of rewards to players who accept and complete a mission or challenge. PGCs are the genre of games offered by companies such as Skillz, Gamee, and Game Taco, among others. It is anticipated to reach $16 billion in the next 12 to 14 months.

THNDR Games has found that it is closely related to online gambling or skill-based wagering. What keeps existing platforms on edge is their poor handling of vulnerabilities. THNDR Games has quoted’s instance, where the platform reportedly lost $41 million from the hot wallet due to a vulnerability. Other issues that existing platforms have are:

  • Stringent KYC requirements
  • High threshold for buy-in and cash-out
  • Delayed withdrawals, often spreading out to 6–8 weeks
  • Minimum wager size

The final point encourages participants to wager frequently, with a minimum requirement. For example, they may be required to wager at least $1 in every match. Customers in regions where development has not yet reached are affected. That is, they would prefer to save the money rather than set it aside for an unforeseen circumstance.

Clinch API has been designed to stand true to the idea of being borderless. It facilitates settlement among peers, concluding them only after the event. THNDR Games, for this, leverages the capabilities of Clinch Contracts—double escrow payments. The platform only retains a percentage as a fee.

Developers and studios are betting on it, too. THNDR Games has pitched the idea by highlighting that they can introduce the product without leaving their fiat jurisdiction. Meaning, they do not have to underline the crypto offering specifically.

Clinch is currently live with Club Bitcoin: Solitaire.

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