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Trent Williams Ruled Out Against the Broncos Due to a High Ankle Sprain

The Denver Broncos took the night away from the San Francisco 49ers by posting a victory of 11-10 on Sunday night. Fans were happy on one side and stood with a different emotion on another side. The 49ers have another factor to worry about, as Trent Williams has likely sustained a high ankle injury.

It was the third quarter that brought injury to Trent Williams. He managed to block Bradley Chubb and tackle D. J. Jones, but Jones fell to the ground against the legs of Williams. Jimmy Garoppolo ran to the safety of the game before the Denver Broncos began taking their side on a higher side.

The first quarter showed what the fans were expecting – the San Francisco 49ers took the lead with 7 against their opponent, who tried their best to equalize the game. It was not until the third quarter that the Denver Broncos brought back the belief of posting a victory in the game.

Their win could be supported by Trent Williams leaving the field with some assistance to the locker room. The fourth quarter experienced a tough fight. The San Francisco 49ers posted 3, still falling short against the 6 of the Denver Broncos. The total went for the Denver Broncos.

As per the latest sports news, Kyle Shanahan, the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, later confirmed that reports of Trent Williams were being expected.

If true, he could have very well sustained a high ankle injury. Trent Williams is now more likely to miss a couple of future games. Jaylon Moore entered as his replacement. A word on his continuity is awaited.

Bradley Chubb did have his first sack of the game against Jaylon Moore. Another replacement, if any, could be in line with a tougher stance for the San Francisco 49ers.

Once Trent Williams left the field, several online NFL betting sites began showing the shift in their statistics. Odds were pressed against the wall for the Denver Broncos. Tables turned after Williams came out to ground his opponent.

October 04, 2022, will offer a clear view of the replacement. The San Francisco 49ers are scheduled to play the Los Angeles Rams on October 05, 2022. Trent Williams is likely to battle the injury. Jaylon Moore could look to deliver what his side expects from him.

It is a slippery rope to walk on as a replacement for Trent Williams. Jaylon Moore has a larger shoe to fit into. Trent Williams carries the record of featuring in the 14th position in the NFL Network’s annual Top 100 Players. What makes this special is that that is the highest rank ever achieved by an offensive lineman.

Trent Williams is currently playing his third season for the 49ers. He is a 9-time Pro Bowler, and the 34-years old left tackle has a long way to go in his career.

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