VIXIO GamblingCompliance Plans Webinar to Discuss COVID-19 Effect on European Lotteries

The spread of coronavirus has spread all across the globe, just like wildfire. So far, the virus has infected 13,49,877 lakh and killed more than 74,820 people all around the world. The virus first originated from China’s Wuhan province in late December 2019. And, so far, no vaccine has been developed to fight against the lethal virus.

Now Europe’s Lotteries are also leaving no stone unturned to cope with the public health measures. These measures were launched to slow down the further spread of coronavirus.

The potentially life-threatening virus has put a huge dent to various business organizations. It has also impacted the public lives as most of the people all across the globe are now home-bound and practicing social distancing measures. And, now a webinar is scheduled to be organized to look at the future of lotteries in Europe and funding for noble causes.

The webinar is slated to be organized in partnership with the European Lotteries Association, VIXIO GamblingCompliance, that will bring together top industry experts and executives.

In the webinar, the discussion will be held on how pan-European games that may include EuroMillions will be impacted. How online sales and instant games will be substituted for retail as points of sale closed? There will also be a discussion on if lottery sports betting can be modified with the latest offers that may include Esports. Will there be more major actions that will ensure the health of lotteries and the noble causes they fund? These topics will be brought up for discussion.

The webinar will host elite speakers Arjan van’t Veer, Secretary General European Lotteries, Robert Chvatal, CEO of Sazka Group, Sami Kauhanen, SVP of Betting, Veikkaus and Andrew Gellatly, Head of Global Research at VIXIO GamblingCompliance.

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