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Walmart is Opening an Esports Arena in Overland Park for Gamers

On November 16, 2019, Walmart will open an Esports Arena in Overland Park. This additional service is to invite kids, shoppers, and gamers to the park. The arena looks the same as a casino due to its same ambiance like black walls, low and popping lights.

The CEO of Esports Arena, Tyler Endres, initiated this concept by referring to Orange County, California. He said that they host many tournaments and video game nights every week, but he wants to become a professional in video gaming, but he had not enough talent to do so. By the arena, they want people to come and participate in video games and compete at a local level. They have already opened up such service in Oakland, California, and now, they are targeting Las Vegas.

Tyler said that Walmart approached them for a meeting and asked if we work inside the Walmart store. After the session, Tyler felt that they could build their ecosystem of the platform of Walmart.

Many people like to stay at home and order food and other things through online mode. The concept of the arena will let those people out of their homes, come to the Walmart store, and play video games with the community. It will also attract the shoppers that are generally roaming for shopping.

For some weeks, the games are free, but then a gamer needs to spend $5 for an hour of video gaming. A gamer can play any game or participate in the tournament. Kids are also showing interest in this concept.

There are only seven places in the US, like Overland Park. Soon, it will expand to other countries. There is a huge scope of expansion in the coming years.

Endres said that they are looking for more opportunities to work with Walmart and grow this concept in more than seven locations.

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