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Weverton Eyes to Win the Upcoming World Cup

Weverton is a legendary goalkeeper for the Palmeiras & Brazil. He is 34 years old and ambitious to win the World Cup. He recently interacted with the media to share how far he has come and what he went through before reaching where he is today.

He was first picked up for a trial run at Sao Paulo; however, he lacked the courage to tell his mother about the opportunity, which required him to leave Rio Branco. Weverton went to his aunt, who agreed to talk to his mother on his behalf. The reaction was the opposite of what he wanted as his mother ended up saying what are you to do, kill him?.

The conversation went down the hill, and Weverton left the dream mid-way only to realize that it happened for a good cause. Weverton recalls that he was not mature enough to handle what could have come his way at that time.

Weverton letting that opportunity go created a unique path for him that ultimately led to getting selected and representing the country in the upcoming FIFA World Cup. At age 15, he began establishing himself as a reliable goalkeeper. 

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The opportunity returned to him, but it required him to leave his hometown and visit Copinha for Juventus. He obliged by taking a 3,500-kilometer bus ride. His team went against Corinthians and ended at the bottom of the stage.

There was no team impact except that Weverton earned a reputation through his side of the game. Corinthians secured him as a player later on.

Weverton did not have a good time and constantly sought to visit his family, who later became the source of motivation when he needed them the most. Weverton lost his mother in 2020, and the going got tough. Fortunately, the rest of the family stood behind him like a rock to encourage him for further games.

Raised by his granddad, Weverton recalled that he would ride a bicycle to practice by himself as his mother had to work and change jobs regularly. Weverton grew up in a house without the presence of a father figure until during his adult years when he met his father.

Things changed for Weverton in 2016 when Fernando Prass was ruled out of the Men’s Olympic Football Tournament Rio 2016.

Leaving a location came with a question as no one from the crowd could recognize Weverton. He became a household name after he saved the penalty shoot-out of Nils Peterson. The team secured the victory, with Neymar converting his effort in its favor.

Palmeiras signed Weverton in late 2017, signaling a brighter phase for the talented goalkeeper who is now eyeing winning the World Cup for the team. As per the sports industry news, Weverton says that winning the tournament would be a crowning moment for him.

Weverton summarized his life by saying that his life till 30 differed from it after 30.


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