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Zach’s future is uncertain following NY Jet’s loss

Every NFL fan eagerly awaited the game between the New York Jets and New England Patriots. The stakes were set high, not because of the competition but also because of the Jets’ 12-game losing streak against the Patriots.

While the game seemed even on paper, the field witnessed a different story. According to the gaming news, the Jets ended the game with a 22-17 loss, leading to many criticizing Zach Wilson’s lackluster performance. The game even led to the quarterback’s long-term position on the team.

Despite being on a losing streak against the Patriots since 2016, the Jets came into the season with a strong position. However, it all changed when Alijah Vera and Breece Hall encountered season-ending injuries.

Until then, the team was able to win despite multiple adversaries. That is why Hall’s absence and the start of James Robinson saw the team running the ball only 15 times for 51 yards. The game exposed Wilson’s ongoing form, showcasing rookie mistakes. 

As expected, the results brought a huge shift among NFT bettors. Many rushed to the best NFL betting sites to change their picks for Jets games. 

With 41 pass attempts on the field, Wilson was seen under pressure. Even Robert Saleh, the Jets’ Coach, stated that Wilson has to play better than this. The management has to find ways to help the quarterback. 

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