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Celtics top the 2023–2024 NBA power rankings

The Boston Celtics have nudged the 76ers to climb to the first spot in the 2023–2024 NBA power rankings. They can be found leading the Eastern Conference of the NBA as the Denver Nuggets attempt to maintain dominance in the Western Conference. Things are shaking up with the arrival of the Oklahoma City Thunder. They have a streak of five wins, bringing them to the 4th position from the 13th. Interestingly, four of them have come on the road.

The Nuggets are in the 3rd spot in the Northwest division and 5th overall. Had it not been for losses against the Cavaliers and the Pelicans, the Nuggets could have potentially found a way to stay afloat at a better position on the table.

What makes the rise of the Celtics interesting is that they lost their previous match and had 2 consecutive wins before that. Scheduled to face the Bucks in the next event, the Celtics look to overcome the 118-121 defeat versus the Hornets. They do have a better stage on the ground, backed by the rise to the top of the segment. But other teams are soon catching up to everyone’s tricks.

For instance, the Kings and Bucks are eyeing victories following the return of their respective best performers, D’Aaron Fox and Damian Lillard.

The 76ers have a 2-win streak, while the Celtics could achieve a 2-loss streak. The Bucks are catching up with a streak of five victories. The following event will feature a meeting between the Celtics and the Bucks, then the Magic. The 76ers have lost to the Celtics only for victories against the Hawks and the Nets. Another event and the points table will have a different dynamic altogether. The Cavaliers are bracing up to lock horns with the 76ers.

Having said that, the NBA has had some of the most interesting games this season that kept most of the NBA betting sites in demand among the fans. The Warriors and the Rockets ended on a thin note of 121–116, going in favor of the Warriors. It was a pure display of spirit, except for the concluding quarter, when the Warriors fell short by 9 points. Houston knows that it could have capitalized on a few movements.

Minnesota and New York had a similar face-off. The Timberwolves beat the Knicks with an attack that started right from the beginning. A short one-pointer came late and did not suffice for the purpose of their opponents.

As for the power ranking of the NBA, the Golden State Warriors are locked in the same position despite losing a large number of games. Experts say that the credit goes to the strength of the schedule.

The Celtics are now up by 2 spots to top the charts. The 76ers are down by one to follow them. The Timberwolves and the Thunder are contesting the third and fourth positions, respectively. Denver is down by three yet manages to be in the top five in their journey so far.

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