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What Are the Leading US States in the Casino Industry?

The United States of America gambling industry is expanding at a steady pace. Betting fanatics can effortlessly access the best online casino on the go. Also, the gambling authorities have granted gaming licenses to world players like Ezugi and Evolution gaming. They are showcasing live dealer games in New Jersey state in America.

Industry heavyweights are in line with the recent drive. The great leaders are investing heavily in US gambling. The aim is to expand their geographical presence and capitalize on the emerging US player base.

Casino Transformation

The US online gaming is transforming from offline to online gambling. Operators are using digital methods of gambling to deliver their services. The move to go online has positively impacted the market in 2021.

Growing Markets

According to reliable US online gambling market reports, Americas’ online gambling market will grow by a CAGR of 15.25%. The report suggests impressive sustainable growth over the coming years. Predictions show that online wagering revenue will account for over 20% of the total gambling revenue in 2021.

The wagering revenue will grow as more states are in the process of passing new gambling legislation. Projections show that at least 37 states will be approving online gambling by 2023. Many online casinos are finding a way of spreading operations in the US market. The states that are already benefiting from the increase of safe online casinos are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

The top Performing States

New Jersey

New Jersey has continually shown steady growth in the first quarter of 2021. New operators are joining the already crowded markets to attract their revenue. The state has 30 operating online casinos. Gambling choices are more available to players than ever before.


The state is the 4th to legalize online gambling. The new law permits sports betting, online casinos, and online poker games. Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is in charge of all the gaming.

According to the data published by the American Gaming Association shows, the total gross revenue of gaming casinos amounted to $250 million. Regulation of online casinos will rise due to the increase in downloads of numerous online casino games. With the rise in the number of download revenues in gambling, markets will increase in 2021. 


Online gambling regulations are recently made less strict in Michigan. As a result, the players have accessed more choices than ever before. They include internet poker, casino wagering, lottery, and bingo.

The 13 online gaming operators of the state raised the gross gaming revenue of nearly $100 million through gambling. Michigan now has 12 online operators. The state’s top three operators are FanDuel, BetMGM, and DraftKings. In the first quarter of 2021, the three have seen a drop in daily average revenue.

US Licensing Reforms

Six states of the US have passed bills to make sports betting legal. Other 22 have made submissions to legislation changes hoping to legalize online gambling.

In 2021, legislation relaxation of online gambling is taking longer. Most states with traditional gambling venues like commercial casinos respond negatively towards digital gambling. Some of them are joining the race for the legalization of online casinos.

US online gambling is growing very fast and has several striking online casinos. Most states are now in support of online gaming. Players are looking forward to more US states considering a gambling legislation reform. Mobile technology has enabled online gaming platforms easily accessible to many Americans.

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