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Why iGaming Powerhouses Are Keeping a Keen Eye on Budding Media and Content Creators

There is no denying that the gambling industry is ever-changing. With ever-evolving technology and regularly updated regulations, it is really no surprise that things are constantly adapting. One of the things that are always changing is how gambling is advertised – whether this is because of new advertising standards or due to a change in the way their customers interact, it is something that all casino and gambling operators need to keep on top of.

Advertising Standards

You may think that advertising standards only apply to TV and printed media, but you would be mistaken. Advertising rules cover anything that promotes your products – and this includes advising your services online.

The advertising that is allowed will depend on where the audience is based and where the casino is located. As online casinos are still not allowed in many parts of the world, lots of operators are based elsewhere & advertise to target their audience base within the country they are interested in reaching. This is a way to get around the fact that online casinos aren’t allowed, but it doesn’t mean that there are no rules when it comes to promotion and advertising. You could be forgiven for thinking that the industry would be under more scrutiny because it is already offering something that the country’s government is not keen on. 

Nonetheless, it makes sense to be one step ahead of the regulatory process within various nations from a strategic viewpoint. One example is in North America – operators have been paying close attention to legislation related to online casinos in Canada, to work out how their advertising may be shared in the future. 

The rules vary for each county, but things like being transparent with gambling odds, not making it seem glamorous, and only using people over the age of 25 in advertising are not usual guidelines to see.

Pivoting into Media 

Over recent years, many casino users have switched from visiting land-based casinos to using online options instead. This is the same for many types of entertainment – kindles instead of reading a book, watching Netflix instead of the cinema, and video chatting with friends when movement was restricted. There is nothing wrong with this, but it is something that the internet gaming industry should be aware of and embrace. If their potential customers are already keen to use online services, it makes sense that advertising online would be the way forward.

There has been a trend, particularly with North American casinos to work with large media companies and smaller content creators to reach a new audience. Advertising any product or service can be complicated. And, it is important that research is done to recognize where your potential audience can be found and the best ways to reach them. Of course, as audiences change and adapt so does the way that a company can reach them, gambling audiences are no exception. That is why, alongside the trend of online casino Canada increasing in popularity, the way that casinos advertise is adapting and new ways of reaching online audiences is key. 

The most notable example of a media acquisition in recent years is Penn National’s takeover of the popular, more-millennial focused brand Barstool. It seems many operators realize that content is king and may represent a pivot from prioritizing content that is betting specific to a more generic approach that is then supplemented with odds/exclusive operator sporting data. 

It is no secret that DraftKings has been actively searching for more content to boost their brands, with rumors of purchase of Score Media surfacing a couple of months ago and the acquisition of betting broadcaster VSiN.

Working With Content Creators on a Smaller Scale

The gambling industry certainly isn’t alone in starting to work with more and more content creators. Although it really started with fashion companies gifting clothing to influencers to get reviews out there, this has grown to epic proportions. Now there is a blogger for every single topic imaginable, and some topics you probably haven’t ever thought of before.

Although you might wonder how a blogger or influencer can help advertise any company, they have a serious pull with audiences now. There are plenty of influencers online that have over 100,000 followers; many of whom are interested in relatable content from the person they’re following. Working with the right content creator and creating the right type of content can be a great way for any company to reach a new audience and gambling operators are no exception.

To keep in mind, working content creators on promotions like this does count as advertising and therefore has its own set of rules that it should follow. The rules and regulations have certainly gotten stricter over recent years, so this is something that should be paid serious attention to.

However, when you have an influencer with a large following and good interaction on their posts, it can be gold dust to reach your audience. The great thing about social media is that the audience of each content creator tends to be quite tailored. And, by working with the right influencer, you can be sure that your advert has the best possible chance of reaching the right people – which is exactly what any advertising company is going to be aiming for.

What Does The Future Look Like?

As mentioned, one area of focus for operators has been Canada. Currently, there are restrictions on the type of online gambling that can take place from within the country. That doesn’t mean that people can’t access online gaming, but it does mean that they will need to play in casinos that are based from outside the country. This isn’t an issue, but it does mean that any gambling companies need to pay careful consideration to the type of advertising they’re doing to ensure that they don’t breach any rules.

Whether gambling legislation will be changed in Canada in the future remains to be seen. In 1969, gambling was actually allowed in the country at all, so it could be a country that wants to wait for a little while before agreeing that online casinos are allowed. They have allowed state-owned online gambling, but these tend to fall behind in both ability and games on offer compared to bigger name brands and aren’t as popular.

Whatever the industry, the chances are that media and content creators will play a big part in advertising in the future. In general, consumers like to hear about products from people they relate to and trust – of which online influencers tick all the boxes, hence why they work well for so many brands wanting to promote their services.

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