WWE working to legalize betting on its scripted match results

If reports are to be believed, then WWE is in talks with the state regulators of Michigan and Colorado to legalize betting on its scripted results. A mechanism is being worked upon in collaboration with Ernst & Young, also known as EY. If legalized, it would open the doors for other creative fields as well, like betting on the death of a character in a television show.

WWE has quoted instances of the Emmys and the Academy Awards. Betting on these events is already legal in a few states through DraftKings and other market leaders; however, there are states that do not consider it to be a legal bet. The reason is a scripted event cannot be a safe event to place bets.

A scenario is to legalize and leave it up to the operators to decide the odds. There is a chance that some operators would themselves not draft odds for these events, even if they are related to high-profile fights. EY, an accounting firm, is working to develop a system that helps WWE to keep the results secret.

WWE has committed to scheduling such matches days ahead without telling wrestlers anything about it. They would be informed about the result only a few hours before the fight.

This is expected to give WWE a larger control over the creative turns, changing the way wrestling works. WWE is also eyeing to attract new audiences by getting its events legalized in the states, starting with Michigan and Colorado. Some of the best sports betting sites in USA allow their customers to place bets on sports like baseball and basketball. Giving WWE a green signal is being heavily considered because it brings with it the tag of being scripted.

A spokesperson from the Michigan Gaming Control Board has said that the Board publishes Sports Wagering Catalog and informs agencies and sportsbook operators about it. Colorado Division of Gaming, on the other hand, has not even considered allowing operators to accept bets on WWE events.

Sports betting is a way for people to have some entertainment. It makes sense to the point where the results are not known, for fans are given a chance to test their fortunes or knowledge about the sport. Having a scripted event on the line puts everything in the backseat with the audience, who could sooner or later leave the segment altogether.

Getting betting legalized could also help WWE pump the deal to sell the company the next month. Transactions for the same are not yet confirmed.

Paul Levesque is currently heading WWE as the Head of Creative Operations. Vince McMahon is back to the executive chairman position after he left WWE amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

Michigan and Colorado may or may not legalize betting on WWE for the events being scripted. That does not take away the chance for everyone to explore other sports and have some fun.

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