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XB Net Joins Hands with CrossBet for Dynamic Data Feeds

XB Net has announced its partnership with the CrossBet as the company aims to expand its operational footprints across the globe. The Australian betting industry is expanding its wings fast, with players thronging the platforms for betting on different games.

CrossBet is a new player in the Australian sports betting industry, and the decision of XB Net to choose the CrossBet for collaboration has surprised many analysts. This is because XB Net is a well-known name in supplying premium content to the racing industry, while CrossBet is a new name in sports betting.

According to the agreement, the CrossBet platform will receive the XB Net dynamic data feeds, including the live pictures from across more than 50 North American Tracks. This will help the CrossBet platform to provide an engrossing and captivating betting experience to its players. Besides, the live feed and dynamic content will also help the CrossBet organize future events consistently to keep the players’ interests alive for a longer period.

The association is expected to be fruitful as bettors will leverage the pricing models and unique data technology, including reactive odds and competitive pricing. The top executives of both organizations expressed confidence in this association and conveyed hope that this will benefit all stakeholders involved in the gaming industry. The partnership is specifically relevant for the betting industry’s sustainability as it will work to ensure that players can take full advantage of the emerging opportunities as and when they appear on the horizon.

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