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ZenSports: Powering Popularity of Sports Betting to New High

The increasing popularity of online betting has transformed the industry into a lucrative business proposition. Within the segment of online betting, sports betting has carved a place for itself thanks to the awareness and knowledge of the general public about various sporting events and contests popular in different parts of the world.

Zensports: Sports Betting Pioneer

Sensing the opportunity of converting this awareness into an attractive business venture, Zensports has come up with a peer-to-peer marketplace related to the sports betting where anyone can bet or start a bet and that too from the convenience of their phone. It is not only the easiest way to bet on a particular sport but also the fastest way to do the betting without any interference of the third party bookmaker.

The operating principle of the Zensports is simple and easy. You can accept the bet from other bettors from around the globe and the interface for doing that is absolutely seamless. Further, you can create your own bet and post it on the platform for others to respond and accept the bet on your terms and conditions. There is no limitation on the part of the selection of games as the marketplace supports a large number of gaming events (data available from 26 sports league) and you will find all types of games literally to bet on here.

Unique Features

Some of the distinctive features of Zensports include the convenience of depositing the funds instantly. You have a choice to go ahead with the deposition of cryptocurrency or Fiat currency, as Zensports accepts both kinds of currencies. Also, being a decentralized ledger, there is no domination of the one central party, which is going to dictate all the rules and regulations. This peer-to-peer market place is open to one and all, and everybody here has the freedom to accept the bet or start their own on their terms and conditions. One of the significant advantages of such a decentralized platform is the absence of strong bookmakers who otherwise can take advantage of their dominant positions leading to a number of different kinds of disputes.

Sports utility Tokens

In order to make the betting experience even more convenient for the better, Zensports also offers sports utility tokens using which you can avail the attractive discount, bonuses, and other awesome offers on the platform. Of course, you can use cryptocurrency or fiat money for betting, but the use of sports utility token will make you eligible to get maximum bang for your buck.

ZenSports Seed Funding

Not only among players, but angel investors seem to have realized the importance and growth potential of Zensports as the company recently raised additional funds up to the tune of $770k in its latest round of seed funding. This is really impressive as the platform had already raised more than $1M in its seed funding round in October 2019.


The popularity of sports betting is on the rise and there cannot be two ways about it. The younger generation, especially millennials, are quite enthusiastic about the sporting events and as they get settled in their life in terms of regular income and improved economic conditions, they tend to have a considerable affinity towards the field of sports betting. Zensports seems to have realized the business potential of this affinity quite quickly and is on the right path to tap this potential by its peer-to-peer mobile sports betting platform.

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