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Adidas Unveils Kits for the 2022 FiFa World Cup

Adidas revealed the Home and Away Federation kits for Argentina, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and Germany this week. The kits will be created for the greatest sporting stage in the world – the FIFA World Cup 2022. 

Adidas witnessed the federation kits as an opportunity for creativity and to express and capture the spirit and essence of every nation with features and designs greatly influenced by the main cultural touchpoints that range from the most ancient civilizations of the Mexican Mixtec art celebrated in the country’s away Jersey to the origami crow-inspired home kit of Japan. The dynamic color spectrums show the unique national identities of every country with the most progressive and forward-looking graphics.

With sustainability and performance being the top priority, a consistent approach to designing has been taken into consideration while creating the kits that showcase iconic simplicity and creativity. This enabled players to display their best versions on the football pitch, with the jerseys available in a slim fit. 

All the kits are created using 100% recyclable polyester, continuing the ongoing commitment of Adidas to help reduce plastic waste. As per the today’s sports news, The Authentic breathable kits for Argentina, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and Germany contact around 50% Parley Ocean Plastic, which is intercepted on the remotest beaches, islands, shorelines, and coastal communities, thereby preventing them from polluting the oceans. 

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