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New Orleans Pelicans beat Sacramento Kings 136-104

The New Orleans Pelicans are on a winning streak with two wins to their name. The previous one came against the Lakers, and the latest one has come against the Kings with a final tally of 136-104. Trey Murphy III made sure to shine for the moment, with 30 points to his name.

Saturday night indeed came to life, even though the Pelicans were missing Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram, and Jonas Valanciunas. Trey Murphy is followed by CJ McCollum, who has 24 points to his name and two rebounds. Four assists have made him a cool teammate to be around on the court.

Willy Hernaagomez fell short by 2 points to walk at 22 total for the second position on the team. Nonetheless, his four assists were crucial in beating the Kings and claiming the NBA’s second consecutive victory. Naji Marshall brought in 17 points for the team. Others pitched their respective contributions that can simply never be ignored.

Ingram stayed out; however, he delivered 35 points in the previous match against the Lakers. He had to be pulled to avoid further damage to his left toe recovery.

Having mentioned that, an event against the Lakers was nearly a close call since the opponent fell short only by 5 points on the scoreboard. The Pelicans put up a total of 131 points to keep the Lakers short at 126.

Circling back to the Pelicans and the Kings, the latter missed its critical player, De’Aaron Fox who is away for personal reasons. Malik Monk claimed 16 points out of the total with 4 rebounds and 3 assists. Sabonis could take it as far as 12 points for 11 rebounds and 3 assists. Davion and Kevin share the following spot with Keon, having them score 10 each.

The first half of the game was hopeful for the Pelicans, as they jumped out to an early lead. Several NBA betting sites are currently tasked with distributing odds for the Pelicans’ next match against the Hawks.

The Pelicans totaled 70 before breaking for halftime. The Kings responded with 52 in their defense. Covering the gap looked doable, except the Pelicans never gave up their lead throughout the second half of the game. Both sides scored nearly the same points in the last two quarters.

It could have been a win for the Kings had they made it to the finish line a bit faster. They were able to beat the Spurs by 119–109 and the Timberwolves by 118–111 but then lost to the Pacers by a small margin of 104–107. Another chance now awaits against the Rockets. They have a little to lose, for they are in the third spot, just behind the Nuggets and the Grizzlies.

The Pelicans, however, have a long road to cover if they really want to climb up from the 9th rank.

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