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Airball lags as Berkey takes the lead with $300k to their name

Airball, also known as Nik Arcot, seems to be lagging way behind in winning the heads-up grudge event against Matt Berkey. The overall lead has come to around $300k, with the duo scheduled to next meet on April 30, 2023, Sunday, with Saturday being a day off.

Drama on Twitter, however, could be far from being over for Airball versus Arcot. A total of 100 hours are to be played, and only 48.5 hours are down. Halfway into the grudge game, there is still a chance for Airball to make things happen. He has pumped $1.2 million in chips to fulfill the commitment he made on Twitter to his followers. The deep buy took him to the final session, where he opened up $58,500.

Berkey holds $306,800 and is all set to venture into the second half of the play. Airball and Berkey are locking horns at Resorts World Poker Room. Airball had $90,200 with him. He appeared to have the momentum from the beginning, but the tables turned when Berkey jumped to a six-figure scale. That marked the shift of the momentum to his name before the day broke for the first break.

While there has not been another turn-around, Airball is optimistic about making things happen when the time is right. That remains to be seen, for the opponent has a grip from finishing up $76,500 on that day, bringing a cut to Airball’s lead to $13,700.

Day 5 began with both of them being virtually at the same score. However, Berkey again took an upswing for the lead of $70,000 by the first break. The figure changed for bad from Airball’s perspective. Matt went on to register a positive difference of $350,000 in a short time.

There was a struggle from Airball to close the gap. Berkey stuck around for a while with his six-figure lead to then finish up at $379,000. The overall lead went on to become $365,300. This became the first significant lead for Berkey in the match.

The final session went on for 6.5 hours to inch toward the break-even point. According to the poker news updates, Airball has finished up $58,500, as Berkey holds a $306,800 lead.

Both will next be a part of PokerGO’s High Stakes Poker along with Eric Persson, Doug Polk, Robb Yong, Jennifer Tilly, and Bill Klein. It is scheduled to go live on April 27, 2023, as the first-ever live episode.

Twitter is, until then, discussing how the game has rolled out. Rob Yong met both of them and tweeted that he was earlier feeling rough after losing a game that cost him $100k every hand, but he has now seen Berkey terribly slaughter Airball that day.

Berkey and Airball are close to finishing the halfway mark of the game. More action is underway as they progress in the final session. Berkey surely has the lead, but Airball could outsmart him later.

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