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Alexandre ‘Cavalito’ Mantovani resolves to crush 2023 in the new year

Brazilian champion, Alexandre “Cavalito” Mantovani, has set his target to win all the major tournaments in 2023. He joined 888poker in 2022 and is now the ambassador for the brand. Cavalito has previously been a representative in the WSOP Main Event, but believes 2023 could be a big year.

That is pretty much a possibility considering the way he has started 2023, which is on a good note. He has won two online tournaments, which is a fairly good start to the year. Cavalito has said that cashing in the first live event was great; however, he is yet to win big on the event’s final table.

The last time he competed, Cavalito managed to make it to the 20th position in the 888poker LIVE Madrid Main Event. He is now determined to leave a lasting impact by securing a perfect balance in his personal life.

Cavalito interacted with the media to highlight that he would not only be working on his game but also on his body through a dedicated fitness routine. That is something that is indirectly expected to help him get back to his game with more confidence. True, the better one feels on the inside, the better it performs at different places. No matter how long or many hands are dealt, poker players need to be sure of themselves and have patience.

He believes that he has the capability to flick a switch and make things happen. It would take time, though, since he wishes to achieve the results in a sustainable manner. Cavalito is avoiding injuries of various kinds while focusing on his fitness. Burning out is a common phenomenon that can prove fatal to those involved in high-pressure games.

Another part of the plan is to improve as a person and as a player, says Cavalito, who is exploring sustainable ways to make things happen for him in all areas.

According to online poker news, players can explore the Wizard’s Spell on 888poker to win a fair share of the prize pool of $300,000. The promotion focuses on freerolls, with a maximum time window of April 23, 2023. The Wizard’s Spell is offering freerolls every day, every week, and every month.

888poker brings exciting offerings with it, like a wide variety of free games and several promotions.

One may take inspiration from Cavalito in terms of grooming themselves physically and mentally, both critical aspects in the poker game and life as a whole. Cavalito has had a great start to 2023 and has high hopes for the rest of the year when he hopes to win some big prizes.

While the Brazilian poker star is determined to make the year special, others can dive in to see what 888poker has to offer.

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