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Argentina leads the FIFA list, Venezuela comes back to top 50

FIFA has published its latest ranking, showing Argentina at the top of the table with 1861.29 points. They are followed by France and Brazil with 1853.11 and 1812.20 points, respectively. There is no change in the next two positions as well; England is on the 4th rank, and Belgium is on the 5th rank.

The story below is, however, different. Portugal has climbed 2 spots to reach the 6th position, followed by Spain. They are in the 6th and 8th positions on the chart. Croatia has surprisingly slipped by four numbers, with 1711.88 points for the last position in the top 10. Italy and the Netherlands are intact at 9 and 7 spots in the same order.

All of it could change by November 30, 2023. That is when the football segment will see changes on the list based on how the teams perform.

According to the sports news, Lithuania has made a huge jump, climbing to 134th rank, up by 9 spots. Venezuela is now back in the top 50 teams. They can be seen in the 49th position after jumping four numbers upward. Venezuela is also fourth in the qualifier for the event scheduled to happen in 2026. Belarus is one of the hundred teams on the FIFA ranking list. They are up by 5 numbers to stand last on the list. Nevertheless, it is an entry that Belarus will embrace for further improvement.

Similarly, Wales and Türkiye are up by considerable numbers. Wales are in the 28th position, and Türkiye are in the 38th position. Belarus will still be happy after making a comeback in the top 100 teams.

Venezuela currently stands strong on the result that it landed against Brazil on October 13, 2023, in the World Cup Qualifiers. The side scored an equalizer in the 85th minute, denying Brazil the pleasure of beating them conveniently, considering they were up by 3-0 in the first match. The second event was a single-goal draw between both sides. If Gabriel was a hero in the 50th minute, then it was Eduard in the 85th minute doing his job for the team. Football has seen amazing moments on the field, but witnessing the same happen against the now-number-three squad is something one cannot miss.

Venezuela was denied dignity in the first game as Brazil scored a double in the second half. They feel short by 3 goals for a draw or 4 goals for a win. As a matter of fact, there was no goal from their side at all.

A single-draw match has done the work for Venezuela, bringing them back into the top 50. Argentina now looks to retain the top spot in the next list of ranks that will come out at the end of November this year.

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